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Open Zip Files That Turn Into CPGZ Files

Ever double click a zip file and have it turn into a cpgz file? This is an uncommon problem, but it happen. As it happens the .zip file attempts to be unzipped, it then extracts into a .cpgz file, which

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Update Mountain Lion Software Via Terminal

To run Software Updates and bypass the App Store you can open the terminal and type: sudo softwareupdate -l To install everything on the list type the command: sudo softwareupdate -i -a To install only one update at a time,

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Show What Process Is Keeping Mac Awake

Find out what processes are keeping your Mac from going to sleep. In the terminal type: pmset -g assertions The response will list out what is keeping awake.

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Block Facebook

Block Facebook system-wide using the Hosts file By editing the hosts file, you will block Facebook (or other specified websites) from all applications on that computer. How to block Facebook with the Hosts file in Mac OS X: This works

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Restarting A Remote Mac Via Terminal

1. On the Mac that you want to control via remote, launch System Preferences and choose Sharing. Click the lock icon and enter your Admin password to unlock the preference. 2. Within that preference enable the Remote Login option. In

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