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iTunes Match Icons Definitions

I decided to subscribe to iTunes Match this year. And many of my obscure tracks had a variety of cloud icons next to them that needed to be deciphered. Apple explained them all with this handy chart:

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Change Default Save Location From iCloud

In Mountain Lion, the default save location for TextEdit, iWork, Preview and other apps, is iCloud. You have to expand the save dialog and then choose where you want to save a file locally. In the GUI there is no

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Manually Configure An iCloud / MobileMe Email Account

There is some difficulty making older MobileMe accounts work with iCloud. When you try to manually set up such an account, there does does not appear to be a way to manually enter iCloud’s IMAP and SMTP settings. But it

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MobileMe Expires Soon PSA

If you’re a MobileMe subscriber. That service is closing down on June 30, 2012, which means you’ll be forced to transition over to iCloud in less than 60 days, whether you like it or not. If you are running 10.5

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