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Civilization V: Brave New World

New expansion due out to for Civilization V, Brave New World, due “Summer” of 2013. Can’t wait. Here is the press release that vaguely details the additions: Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for the

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Civilization V: Gods & Kings (June 19th)

Here is the breakdown of what is new and added to Civilization V: Gods & Kings, that is being released on June 19th, $29.99. 9 New Civs Austria (Maria Theresa) Diplomatic Marriage allows you to pay gold to puppet or annex an

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New DLC for Civilization V Coming Soon

Civilization fans have no doubt heard, 2K Games is releasing an expansion pack titled Gods & Kings for Civilization V for PC. But what about the Civilization V Mac gamers? Aspyr surprised me. They claim it is going to be soon after

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Civilization V

It took me awhile to get into Civ III after Civ II. There was just too many changes, then once I decided to move forward and adopt III and played that for months, I tried to play II again and

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