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Enable “Do Not Track” in Safari 6

Do Not Track is a new privacy feature in Safari 6 that causes Safari to tell certain websites to not track you online as you browse the web. This prevents social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, from tracking you across the

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Reclaim Your RSS Button In Safari 6 With Mountain Lion

In Safari 6, that is shipping with Mountain Lion, the RSS button has been removed from the address bar. The button had made it one-click to subscribe to an RSS feed on websites providing a feed. Not to worry, developer Daniel

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OS X 10.7.3 Update Out

Apple just release an update to Lion, 10.7, that includes Safari 5.1.3. As it’s downloading I hope they have fixed the Wi-Fi issues and Safari issues like they claim to have done in the release notes. You can launch Software

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Safari Download UI

I thought of an idea for an additional user interface for Safari 5.0’s download progress. As of now the only way to see what is downloading or has been downloaded is to have a Safari window open and click on

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