Founded January 4th 2005

So what’s with the name? Pubs, seems to me, always have cool but sometimes weird names. This is really an amalgamation of many different ideas. First off a boar is known for its’ stubbornness and ferocity; and even though not that awe inspiring, it is a formidable foe. A winged one at that sounds mythic. I can just image hearing a story in a Victorian era pub from an old hunter coming back from the darkest Africa or India, and if you buy him a pint he’ll tell the tale of the one that got away was so fast he had wings. To stay on the myth theme, out of Greek mythology there was Chrysaor, who was the offspring of Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa. It is sometimes said he is a giant or a winged boar. His brother was Pegasus. So who wouldn’t want to grab a pint at the Winged Boar Pub?

What is this site to be? A Renaissance Site. I have too many interests and need to merge them into a united front. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Electronics, Computers, Books, Comics, Games, Cars, Travel, Photography and Cooking; I like it all. Writing publicly is my fear to conquer. To have someone read what you have written is to have them looking into your soul, and I need to escape from my self imposed reticent prison.


About Me

YOTT Hello, Welcome to the Pub! My name is Blaine Houger and I like working with Apple products, and am ACMT and ACTC certified. Any gadget, computer (vintage or new) and electronics in general spark my interests. I also enjoy, movies, TV, books and comic books. In other words if it was or is pop culture, sign me up. I did my time in kitchens and still relish in cooking and inventing new recipes. To top it off I have traveled and lived around this wonderful world of ours.

3 comments on “About
  1. Stephan Buchanan says:

    Hi Blaine, it is me Stephan. How are you? Your website is awesome. Please keep it up. Also, if you want to come to Hawaii, please come and stay with us. You are always welcome.

  2. Becki Parisi says:

    Hi from the middle of Montana, Wheatland County USA

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