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Google Reader Retiring

The end is near. Google just announced it will be retiring Google Reader on July 1, 2013 as a part of their “Spring Cleaning” and due to declined usage. Declined? I use it every day, all day. I check out

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Newsweek’s Print Edition Dead

Newsweek will conclude it’s print publication at the end of the year, switching to an all-digital format via tablet and browsers. For Newsweek to shift to an all digital format is a huge move, it is probably one of the largest print

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A Week of Hacks and Social Engineering

Mat Honan, Senior writer with Wired and Longshot magazine co- founder, had his digital life taken over and destroyed. He tells his full story here. Bottom line, hackers social engineered Apple and Amazon, using the little data from each to get

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Wi-Fi Hotspots To Replace NYC Payphones

New York City announced Thursday that it has created free Wi-Fi hotspots at 10 payphone kiosks in three of the city’s boroughs. It’s the first step in a pilot program designed to make wireless access available to as many people as

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Manually Configure An iCloud / MobileMe Email Account

There is some difficulty making older MobileMe accounts work with iCloud. When you try to manually set up such an account, there does does not appear to be a way to manually enter iCloud’s IMAP and SMTP settings. But it

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