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Jeremy Clarkson Suspended From Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson allegedly throws a punch at a producer and the remaining 3 episodes of Series 22 are up in the air after the BBC suspends him. And on that bombshell…goodnight! Via Car Throttle

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Gotham Trailer

I am now officially excited for Gotham based on the new trailer. I was skeptical at first. I have always read Marvel over DC, “Make mine Marvel!” But this Year One take on Gotham and it’s denizens has caught my interest.

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TV Show Season Format Needs To Change

Our commercial (over-the-air) broadcast networks are antiquated and bloated. I know, old news. The days of 22-24 episode long seasons needs to be over. There is no need for them and it exhausts the creative pool the TV writers are

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Doctor Who – Day of the Doctor Trailers

Just a few more weeks till the Day of the Doctor. What’s going to follow after this?

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Mob City Drew Struzan Poster

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive release for a poster for Frank Darabont‘s Mob City from amazing artist Drew Struzan. Happy to see retirement hasn’t slowed him down. When it comes to movie posters, you can’t find a more legendary name than Drew

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