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Google Reader Aftermath Report

It’s been five days since Google Reader went dark. Even before that I was testing the waters. My app of choice is Reeder and they had been promoting Feedbin as their first choice for syndication. So on that recommendation I

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Google Knows Your Birthday

So it’s my birthday and I go to do a little searching of Google and the doodle looks off because it is comprised of cakes and I thought it would have been flags, for Flag Day. I hover my mouse

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Google Reader Retiring

The end is near. Google just announced it will be retiring Google Reader on July 1, 2013 as a part of their “Spring Cleaning” and due to declined usage. Declined? I use it every day, all day. I check out

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Careful Who You Friend

Via : barak144

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WordPress Backup To Dropbox

I love Dropbox, I use it for just about everything. I also use WordPress for most of the sites I maintain. It’s easy to use and configure to my needs. I have been maintaining a backup of the sites databases

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