Google Reader Aftermath Report

It’s been five days since Google Reader went dark. Even before that I was testing the waters. My app of choice is Reeder and they had been promoting Feedbin as their first choice for syndication. So on that recommendation I had given them a shot. It was a paid only service in which I was apprehensive, but it was suppose to be good. I shelled out the $20 for a year. Needless to say hindsight and Murphy’s Law were working together against me. I must of signed up when everyone else did and Feedbin’s servers could not handle it. Performance was more than horrible. Then Feedbin says they are upgrading servers to meet the load, okay good. I waited till they came back around, performance was better, but not great and they could not seem to properly show me my unreads vs. read it was continuously wrong. Not matter how many times I marked an article as read the next time around it was unread again, and these were articles that were months old. I cleared everything out and reimported to no success. So hindsight is what it is. While all this was going on I was hedging my bets, signed up for AOL Reader beta and Digg Reader beta. Both were familiar and comfortable, but did not see a future for them in third party apps. Enter Feedly, I have been using them for about 3 weeks, they migrated to standalone with APIs for 3rd party apps, namely Reeder’s iPhone app now. Therefore they seem to be the front runner. Feedly is good, not my comfortable Google Reader but good. And they seem to have issues as well with articles not staying marked as read not as bad as Feedbin. So I will stick with them for now.

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