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WordPress Backup To Dropbox

I love Dropbox, I use it for just about everything. I also use WordPress for most of the sites I maintain. It’s easy to use and configure to my needs. I have been maintaining a backup of the sites databases

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WordPress Stats Infographic

Looks as if WordPress is set for world domination. Via : Yoast

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Fake Antivirus Exploit Found On Many WordPress Sites

This site like a multitude of others is run off WordPress. There has been a piece of malware detected that masquerades as antivirus software. This has been found on 200,000+ web pages, which is almost 30,000 unique sites according to Websense. The

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New Old … Again?

I opened this site on January 4th, 2005. It began as a humble static html site so I could learn everything from coding to serving the site. Then I moved to WordPress and had an actual hosting company host it,

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