New Old … Again?

I opened this site on January 4th, 2005. It began as a humble static html site so I could learn everything from coding to serving the site. Then I moved to WordPress and had an actual hosting company host it, Server Logistics. Then moved to separation of DNS Hosting and Site Hosting. In that move I changed over to Joomla, which at that had still not split from it’s mother Mambo, but eventually migrated to Joomla. Then it stagnated, thought I could do more and actually create and set up hosting of sites, so I moved to DreamHost. Which was a very rocky start. They said they were all awesome and such and actual uptime was horrible. They progressed to being manageable, moving me and sites to a different shared host, but still not great and their newsletters were just this side of bad cheese. I then stopped freelancing and got a real job or two and everything moved to a crawling standstill.  (That’s some muddled imagery.) Never the less the Phoenix is rearing it’s head once again and back to WordPress, but I am the host. So if the site is inaccessible, either I am messing about or my wonderful ISP is once again having issues; which seems to be more that all the volumes of National Geographic.

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