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Animated Neon Movie Posters

Michael Whaite is an animator, illustrator someone with the same obsession for neon. He has done a phenomenal job creating movie posters and used neon as his medium. Great work.

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George Lucas Movie Posters

George had his hands in everything. He is a phenomenal story teller, though he does have difficulty with dialog. And I can sure understand his want for perfection, but it does hurt to see milestones of childhood altered here and

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Star Wars Pulp Novel Covers

Wonderful Covers for the original Star Wars Trilogy done as pulp novel covers by Timothy Anderson.

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Star Wars Posters by Olly Moss

Via : Olly Moss

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Lucasfilm Officially Owned By Disney

It took a couple of months to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, but as of the 21st, Disney officially owns Lucasfilms.

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