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Make Hidden Application Icons Translucent In Dock

It is easy to enable translucency in the Dock for hidden applications, making it easy to tell apart from the rest. In the terminal type the following command and hit enter: defaults write showhidden -bool YES && killall Dock

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How to Remove Dock Icons in OS X Mountain Lion

Removing application icons from the Dock has been the same since the very beginning of Mac OS X: grab an icon and drag it off the Dock into a poof of dust, then the icon is no longer displayed in the Dock.

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How To Delete The Dock Delay

If  you hide the Dock you may have noticed that when you then move your cursor to the edge of the screen to make it reveal itself, there’s a slight delay before the Dock slides back into view. The delay

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Best iPhone Dock: Elevation Dock @ Kickstarter

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