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Jeremy Clarkson Suspended From Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson allegedly throws a punch at a producer and the remaining 3 episodes of Series 22 are up in the air after the BBC suspends him. And on that bombshell…goodnight! Via Car Throttle

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TV Show Season Format Needs To Change

Our commercial (over-the-air) broadcast networks are antiquated and bloated. I know, old news. The days of 22-24 episode long seasons needs to be over. There is no need for them and it exhausts the creative pool the TV writers are

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Doctor Who – Day of the Doctor Trailers

Just a few more weeks till the Day of the Doctor. What’s going to follow after this?

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… And The Twelfth Doctor Is …!

Peter Capaldi. Skeptical? Sure am. My only reassurance is the confidence in Steven Moffat, proven with his past choices and his overall talent in seeing the bigger picture. There has been a great deal of speculation as to who will

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Sherlock: Series 3 Teaser Trailer

Here it is, a teaser to make you want more. Soon… I hope!

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