Open Zip Files That Turn Into CPGZ Files

zipEver double click a zip file and have it turn into a cpgz file? This is an uncommon problem, but it happen. As it happens the .zip file attempts to be unzipped, it then extracts into a .cpgz file, which then turns back into a .zip file when it is opened, and then turns into a .zip.cpgz file when opened, and loops over and over again.

Why does this happen? No clear explanation, but a few ideas as to the culprit:cpgz

  • It’s a corrupted file, either during the download process or from original source.
  • Incomplete download.
  • Certain browsers incorrectly processing the file during or after the download.

Solutions to try:

  1. You could try downloading again or try downloading with a different browser or if possible from a different source.
  2. Attempt unzipping in the Terminal. In the command line type unzip leave a space and then drag the file into the terminal window and hit return. Doing so through the Terminal should power through and open it up.
  3. Even though this is the last option, I use it first every time for just about everything. Use The Unarchiver, it’s free and works great and just about anything you can through at it.
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