TV Show Season Format Needs To Change

Our commercial (over-the-air) broadcast networks are antiquated and bloated. I know, old news. The days of 22-24 episode long seasons needs to be over. There is no need for them and it exhausts the creative pool the TV writers are treading in. I find myself watching more and more British TV; thank you BBC America, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Shorter seasons (series) equals better writing. If the writers have to churn out 24 unique story lines for one season, not only are subsequent seasons going to feel creatively starved, but originality has no hope either. The show runners for Lost fought for flexibility in episode counts and eventually won, but many viewers will claim they lost because it came to late. Fox is starting to change their game, Sleepy Hollow settled for a 13 episode season. I believe this will help that show. The last part of the argument is the paid cable shows. They have shorter seasons and are consistently critic darlings and fan favorites, because their writing and production values are not stretched thin. Less episodes means more money to spend on sets and talent.

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