Amazon Is Great!

Amazon is great and Amazon Prime is even better. Most everything I could want under one store front, and with Prime free two-day shipping, and Instant Videos. But all that is just icing. So for example I am looking for a Awesome Product. I do a google search and find the home of the home of the Awesome Product and the price is reasonable. I also look on Amazon and find it but it is just a bit more in price or not on Prime so I have to pay shipping that might be a smudge more. Guess what I am going to buy it on Amazon, I already have an account and info there so I don’t need to re-input all that into a new site, but once again icing. The real benefit here is with Amazon I get the product I want and that is it, done. If I were to purchase this Awesome Product from their home site, I would have to give out once again my personal information to another (who knows how secure) database. And even if I checked the box that said “Please do not send me our newsletter and ads”, more than likely my inbox would be filled with their emails for weeks and months to come till I got fed up and tried to find an Unsubscribe link in the email. And my physical mailbox would start to fill up with their catalogs. Which I would then use PaperKarma’s app to get taken off the mailing list. Guess what product provider, I don’t want and/or need all that I bought your product, but I don’t want to know 3 days from my purchase that I can now buy it again at your 3% Bonanza Sale. So I will buy form Amazon, sometimes at a markup, but at least my virtual and physical mail boxes with be free off your junk.

Leave me alone and stop sending me your stupid catalogs.

(/End Rant Here)

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2 comments on “Amazon Is Great!
  1. Christy says:

    So true! You said it perfect

  2. crhouger says:

    So true! You said it perfectly!

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