iOS App Store Blank Update Screen

My iPad said it had 8 updates available via the App Store, so I clink on the icon and it thinks and thinks and then just hangs at a blank screen. All the other tabs within the App Store display properly. I closed out all the apps, restarted the iPad and still had the same results. So I reapplied the most current update for the iOS, 6.1.2, no dice. So I did a full blown restore, still no go. Did a restore from from 6.1 than upgraded, no change there. I tried all the different solutions I could dig up via Google:

  • Reboot
  • Quit Apps
  • Time Change
  • Turn WiFi Off (Remove saved WiFi and added again)
  •  DNS change
  • Sign out and resign in to App Store
  • Full Restore
  • Downgrade
  • Upgrade

Some had success with these others didn’t. The solution I found to work was this, Change the language for the entire device.

Go to Settings > General > International > Language. Choose a second language you are familiar with (British English). Submit the change of the language, wait for the changes to take affect, launch the App Store, close it (quit it), then change the language back to what it originally was, wait once again for it take hold, and you should be good to go.

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