Apple Releases New Products

Yesterday Apple flooded the public with new products. New iMacs that are considerably thinner because they eliminated the optical drive and made the display panel thinner; they start at $1299. These can be configured with a Fusion Drive that merges SSD and traditional hard drives into one, but they act differently the the current hybrid drives on the market. Software calculates the most used files and place those on the SSD portion. There seems to be quite a few limitations to it though, such as the inability to add more than one additional partition to the hard disk portion, and the fact that Boot Camp Assistant does not support 3 TB configurations. Other issues include some potential problems using Time Machine to restore to a Fusion Drive. It also appears the 21.5″ model with not allow you to upgrade the RAM.

The 13″ MacBook Pro now has a Retina cousin with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600, starting at $1699. And the Mac mini received and upgrade as well in speeds and hard drives.

And the release of the much rumored iPad mini, with a back that resembles the new iPod touch. It has a 7.9-inch LCD with the same resolution (1,024 x 768) as the iPad2. So apps do not have to be rescaled to fit. These start at $329. Along with this was the release of a 4th generation iPad with a Lightening connector.

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