Five Simple Rules For Computer Users

1 Back Your Data Up.

Burn it to a disc, copy to an external HDD, upload it to a data safe website, another computer, somewhere! One place is not safe, two places is better, three is great. No manufacturer warranty covers your data, you need to take care of this yourself. Back up your pictures, contacts, email, documents, taxes, music, movies and any business information you have.

2 Do Not Install Toolbars.

You don’t need 1, you defiantly don’t need 5 or more of them, they take up most of the screen and will end up affecting performance, they bloat the browser and slow down your internet experience.

3 Computers Do Not Like Liquids.

Water, soda, beer, wine, and cleaners. Don’t spray screen cleaner directly on your screen, spray it on your cleaning cloth and then wipe. A stream of any liquid can cause damage. Simple DO NOT drink near the computer, especially laptops.

4 No Computer’s Hardware or Software Is Immortal.

Technology changes at an extremely fast rate. Websites are updated all the time to meet security needs. Laptops undergo more stress: movement, impact, temperature changes, and are prone to overheating on a lap or being dropped. Your computer takes electricity, and circulates through lots of things and gets hot. They burn out sometimes and short out. Once again have a backup.

5 Read.

Read what it says in front of you. The messages your computer or software generates are in english. The are useful bits of information that is helpful to understanding what is going on.

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