Sherlock’s Demise

Sherlock-BBCSo enough with politics for now. I finally got around to watching episode three of BBC‘s second season of Sherlock. It has been an outstanding run thus far. Moffat and Gatiss are doing a phenomenal job in re-imagining our favorite sleuth for the 21st Century. It’s the little things; like three episodes a season at an hour and a half apiece instead of conforming to tradition and doing two parters, plus the small seasons do not over tax the writers causing them to produce meaningless filler. Other details like, having the text just out in the air to read instead of some unbelievably huge font seen on a phone screen. And just so it’s clear, some of the best writing out there.

I soaked up every episode this year. Scandal in Belgravia was amazing, followed by a superb Hounds of Baskerville. Both strived to show Sherlock was somewhat human instead of his self labeled “high functioning sociopath”. The first let us into his guarded heart, and we saw he understood love. And the second lighted on his ability to feel fear even if it was chemically induce. This all leading to the last episode The Reichenbach Fall; (There Be Spoilers Ahead) we all knew he was to “die” and that to be faked, but he did show his emotions whilst talking to Watson. The tears were not for the benefit of John, but once again we the viewer saw his human side, and a glimmer of compassion. The only complaint I had was the last seconds of the episode. Season one ended on a hellacious cliffhanger. and we had to wait almost a year and half to see the outcome to that. Anyone who has read Dolye’s tales knew the death at the end was faked, albeit we might not know the details how this modernization will play out; my guess it is a fresh cadaver from Molly and help from Mycroft. But John laid his heart out to the tombstone and that was a fine bit of acting and it should have cut to black instead of cutting to Sherlock. But now that I voice that, maybe once again it was showing his humanity.

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