Civilization V

Civ-VIt took me awhile to get into Civ III after Civ II. There was just too many changes, then once I decided to move forward and adopt III and played that for months, I tried to play II again and couldn’t stand it. Don’t get me wrong, it was my first love and that wouldn’t change, but the graphics were so archaic. Civ III Complete was even better with all the add-on packs, it made for many butt-numbing hours of “just-one-more-turn”. Then IV came out so of course I moved to that. I was really disappointed, graphics were better, but game play had been changed too much. So I went back to III. I’d say about a year later I tried it again with it’s add-on packs and I still had a hard time getting into it. Once again back to III. Finally Civ V came out. I was determined to adopt this version and move on. Launch day I bought via Steam it and haven’t looked back. Yes game play was drastically if not severely changed, no more stacking units, how dare they. But it has made me a better tactician. In short with a few small glitches and omissions I do love. I have a MacBook Pro 17″ and game-play graphics on OS X is ok, but it is after all a port of the game to work on the Mac. Bootcamp Windows 7 and the graphics is night and day, so much better. The DLC they have been releasing is great. Overall make mine Civ V.

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