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A Week of Hacks and Social Engineering

Mat Honan, Senior writer with Wired and Longshot magazine co- founder, had his digital life taken over and destroyed. He tells his full story here. Bottom line, hackers social engineered Apple and Amazon, using the little data from each to get

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Generate Random Passwords from the Command Line

The most secure passwords used, are those that are randomly generated. From the command line, you can randomize potential passwords in multiple ways. First method uses openssl, in the terminal type: openssl rand -base64 6 The output of this command

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Run Password Reset Utility in OS X 10.7 (Lion) Restore Partition

With prior versions of OS X, Apple included a “Reset Password” Utility that you could use to reset forgotten passwords for accounts on the system. But in the recovery options Lion, this is missing from the “Utilities” menu where it

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