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Change Default Save Location From iCloud

In Mountain Lion, the default save location for TextEdit, iWork, Preview and other apps, is iCloud. You have to expand the save dialog and then choose where you want to save a file locally. In the GUI there is no

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Mountain Lion Server – Software Update Server

Software Update Enabler no longer works with Mountain Lion. Following these command still work though. Using a configuration profile You can use a configuration profile (such as those created by Profile Manager) to point clients to a Software Update Server.

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Mountain Lion Allows Disable Sleep From The Command Line With caffeinate

In OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has bundled a command line tool for disabling sleep, named caffeinate. Caffeinate can prevent sleep entirely, but you can also modify the command with various arguments to prevent just the display from sleeping, provide

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How to Remove Dock Icons in OS X Mountain Lion

Removing application icons from the Dock has been the same since the very beginning of Mac OS X: grab an icon and drag it off the Dock into a poof of dust, then the icon is no longer displayed in the Dock.

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Web Sharing and Mountain Lion Client

The non-server version of Mountain Lion does not include a check box for Web Sharing in the Sharing System Preferences, which had been included in all previous versions. Twenty more dollars for Server is not much to get a easy

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