Facebook – A Digital Dictatorship ???

The end of Facebook’s “experiment” with a digital democracy may be over soon. The company, on Wednesday proposed to take away its 1 billion members’ right to vote on major issues concerning the governance of its online network. Facebook now argues that it is too big for such democracy.

Starting in 2009, with what Facebook called an experiment with digital voting rights, Facebook allows users to vote on major changes to the way it manages user data and privacy. No they are considering abandoning that system and replacing it with new methods for users to submit questions to Facebook’s privacy team. They list two primary reasons for the shift from this digital democracy: Facebook has become extremely large, with more than a billion users; and it’s a publicly traded company now, which means it is “accountable to regulators around the world.”

Bottom line, they are becoming just another faceless corporation. See what I did there?

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