Real Steel

Real-Steel-2011With some reluctance I decided to set aside my reservations and watch Real Steel this weekend. I mean how good can a live action movie of an age old board game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Mea Culpa. I don’t watch sports, so sports based movies are not ones I seek out. However I do seem to go for boxing base sports movies; don’t have an explanation, just do. So I decided to give it a chance. Right off even though it is suppose to be set in the near future, there is a sense of nostalgia, with the truck he is driving and down home of Americana with wide shots of unharvested fields and a small town fair. Charlie isn’t the most likable character, but you know he is the inevitable underdog. It was easy to see the direction the whole movie was going to take out the gate, but was entertained and had minimum A.D.D. outbreaks. The semi-abruptness of the ending without a sense of complete closure might put some off, but it leaves you completing the story on your own.

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